Zaka AP History

In the night at 23:04 or 11:04 you born safely. After your fight UMMI soundly almost 14 hours. Your born make everyone happy. Nine months you be expected by all parties and especially by Babeh EMMi. Babeh and Ummi agree to give your name ZAKA ACHMAD PUTRA. ZAKA when referring to the Arabic language means "The Net" and when referring to Al-Quran, the name is in accordance with the QS Asy-Syam paragraph 9 qad aflaha manzakkaha that means is he is indeed the soul is clean. However, when referring to the story of noble, most noble named Zaka, including (1) Zaka Sembung (2) Zaka Tingkir, (3) Zaka Umbara, and presumably many more, but less so Babeh know. Zaka that name which is often used by the tournament that means that a Zaka is a firm that is always in the establishment, firm in truth, firm in principle and virtue. Meanwhile, Achmad Putra, can mean that you are children of fathers named Achmad Ruhiyat.

Many people are giving opinions about the name. Including Babeh also argued that th
e Zaka Achmad name is the name of the Son with the three words that are currently in the top of the miracle. Candidates for president and vice president are elected and have set the SBY and MJK is the name with three words, as well as you ZAP. Then, through the similarity is by ALLAH and Babeh EMMi pray hope you become President in the future. In addition to the Babeh holds, also the name of that friend Babeh adult Zaka is rarely used or given to the children of others. Thus, the Zaka is the mean classic. And each had a classic, always think Babeh be expected by modern society today.

Favorite My Son: ZAP

Favorite My Son : ZAD

for my son the most powerful in the world.

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I really love and feel for my family. Through them I can gather, chatting, sharing love and grief. Family is not there instead. I am very grateful to God has a great family. I want to do more to my family, share the love to his wife and a both son. Through this blog I want to devote the whole family love.


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I want to share with everyone about my experience with my family that I love them

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